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What We Can All Learn from Rob & Chyna

Now I typically prefer not to divulge into “celebrity news” on my blog. Today I feel compelled to share what I’ve learned based on the recent buffoonery of Rob the Insecure Savage and Chyna the Opportunistic Petty Whisperer. We can all learn a few things from them.

  1. Keep your relationship, custody battles, etc.. problems in your home. If you decide to air the other parent out on social media, your kids will see that shit eventually. They could quite possibly resent you for acting like your post teenage puberty hormones are impeding your decision making skills.
  2. Sleeping with your sister’s boyfriend’s baby momma (that was a mouth full) probably won’t end too well.
  3. Buying someone’s love is pretty fuckin stupid, fiscally and theoretically.
  4. Your close family and friends can usually tell when someone is not good for you. As you progress past the honeymoon phase of the relationship they are already watching the mask come off.
  5. You both can’t play victim when both of you are walking around with mounds of cow shit on your hands.
  6. Say it, forget it. Write it, regret it.
  7. Flat Tummy tea isn’t a cure all.
  8. Fame and a few coins can have some people thinking they can do what they want without consequences.
  9. “Celebrities” have issues too. They post ‘happy’ pics to keep that money rolling because we the people are suckers for that shit.
  10. This drama will be a thing of the past a week from now because let’s just face it. Our attention spans suck.


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