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The Wonderful World of Pretend

Because complacency can at times allude a sense of security.

Remaining stagnant protects the mind from disappointment.

“Loving” every material possession bestowed upon one with monetary compensation can breed deception.

Valuing material possessions for the sake of allowing material possessions to define self worth.

Befriending another for personal Gain leading to a road of betrayal.

Latching to the “in crowd” in search of acceptance.

Extended period of dying on the inside because the outside is all that matters (?).

Dimming the bright light that shines bright above the cranium, in fear of “appearing” inferior.

Depleting funds to keep up with societies trends.

When flaws become a sign of weakness in a world where imperfections are frowned upon.

The wonderful world of pretend. Because who really wants to live through their reality?


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