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Tan Lè ou: Timing is Everything

Why do my best thoughts always come to more while I’m driving? I was finally able to get to my keyboard to put my itching fingers to work by typing up this blog post. The thought of this post came to me during my evening commute tonight. Talk about timing being everything right? While shifting between gears (I drive a stick) in rush hour traffic, I stuck my hand in my bag whenever I got a chance to, starting to wish I hadn’t thrown so much bullshit in my purse, just to find a pen. I quickly jotted down my thoughts on my hand because paper is so overrated, but I digress.

So many times we have become prisoners to our own minds. Lusting over what we see on the internet or just sitting next to the car we’ve been swooning over for years but aren’t yet able to afford. We want what we see and wonder why we aren’t able to have it when we want it. It seems as though we live in a society where we want instant gratification and don’t want to wait. Far too many of us want to reap the benefits of success but don’t want to put in the work that it takes. The finish line appears so probable but how do we get there with no strategy or patience?

Like many kids, I wanted to grow up fast. My older sister got to do things that I wanted to do. I wanted to stay out late and hang with my friends. I wanted to get a job after school so I could go buy the things my mother wouldn’t dare wasn’t het money on (I can’t really blame her). My mother would always say, “tan lè ou”(wait for your time). She found out later that she wasn’t talking to me, she was talking to a brick wall that thought she knew everything already. My patience was very limited. I wanted instant gratification. I didn’t want to ‘tan le mwen’. 

2017 has been quite a year for me. Not just in the realm of blogging but also in my personal life. I’ve gained one of the most important virtues that I was taught at a young age and took forever to appreciate: patience.  I’ve had to learn when to take a step back. I’ve taken my time to reevaluate how I handle situations. Figure out where I want to go while accepting that things may not always work out the way I may have planned for them to. My reaction to people has changed. Instead of cursing people out for disrespecting me, I will instead gather folks so good that they’ll be left stunned and not know how to react. I’ve tamed my pettiness and only release it when absolutely necessary. I’ve become so comfortable in my skin that I will at times shamelessly crop dust the area and own up to it. There is a time and place for everything. Everything takes time and patience. Many years later, I have finally taken the time to take my mom’s advice and “tan lè ou”.

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