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Sustainable “Treasures” #RethinkReuse

With Earth Day in the rearview mirror, we are still in earth month. To keep the theme of thrifting going, my blogger friends and I got together and went to Savers and created outfits by using sustainable clothing.

Now I for one like to purge my closets periodically to make room for new articles of clothing. Usually, I throw them in a bag, the bag goes into the basement and collects dust for months at a time. Sometimes, I am guilty of throwing away my use clothing versus donating or selling them. Why you may ask? Because quite frankly most of the time I’m too lazy to bring them over to a donation center. Which ends up turning into clutter in my home. So in honor of Earth Month, I decided to pack a few things away and give them away. In the midst of that, I filled my closet up with “new” clothing from Savers because if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I love clothing.

Have you ever sat and wondered? “What am I doing to make the environment better?” Yeah me neither, but I do remember being in the fifth grade and being in environmental studies group, where we would meet quite often. I believe it was once a week if I’m not mistaken, but that’s where I learned about recycling and the environment and our impact that we, as human beings, have on the environment. So with stores like Savers that allow you to donate clothing there and also for as consumers to go there and also purchase clothing, great quality clothing I might add, that helps save the environment by lessening the amount of clothing being thrown into landfills.
Not to be all up in your business (when someone says that, they are being up in your business), but when you have clothes or items you need to “get rid” of, how do you dispose of them? Are you doing it in a way that it can be reused or are you like the “old me” and just tossing them out in the trash? Did you know that in Boston alone 63% of the population admitted to throwing away what could be reusable clothing?  Not because they are vindictive and don’t care about the Earth, but it’s because they are at times misinformed about what a donation center will or won’t takes.

My advice to you as we come to the end of Earth Month and many of use are in spring cleaning mode, find your local Savers donation center and have them make what you may consider “trash” another persons “treasure” like my ladies Gen, Char, Vana, Veronica, and I did!


Photo cred: Houseofamparo

Jacket and shorts: Savers Thrift Store

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