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Strolling Plus Size In A Winter Wonderland

Plus size

So it’s a new year but I’m still the same Plus Size woman I was last year.. I think. There were a few things that I decided to take with me into the new year. If you’ve been following me for while, then you know I have this ridiculous infatuation with list.  So, check out the list below: 

1. All of my plus size winter coats. Good ones are so hard to come by that that the ones that I do own, I’m holding on to for dear life.

2. My new weave. Because: why not? *flips 18 inch weave*

3. My make-up brushes that I’ve collected and don’t know when to use which brush. For example, Morphie Brushes. They are pretty and many were gifts so they made the cut into 2017 with me.

4. Scheduled trips to the thrift store. Trendy clothing is great but, the thrift store hasn’t let me down. When it comes to finding old clothing and creating a trendy outfit they are my go to.

5. My cheesy smile that tends to make my eyes disappear. I’m working on it!

6. The Goofiness because who really wants to be serious all of the time.

7. Reese’s Peanut Butter cups

I digress on the list because I think you get the point

Any who, yesterday we got our first snow storm of the season in Boston, and I managed not to slip and fall on ice. Yay me! As I previously posted in my blog F*** you=Faux You I hate winter but, I’d be lying if I said the snow didn’t make for an amazing backdrop when it comes to photos. This is where the “suffering for your craft” comes into affect.

It was in the teens but I sucked it up. So I put together a few pieces from my closet that made the cut into 2017 with me, pulled myself up by all 10 of my bootstraps and frolicked in the snow.




Earrings: gifted- similar etsy

Dress: thrifted-similar SimplyBe

Pants: Burlington Coat Factory

Belt: Torrid

Faux Wool Coat: Target Ava & Viv

Strappy Boots: sold out- similar Torrid

Let me know how you’re Strolling through your Winter Wonderland…


Or don’t *shrugs*




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