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Plus Size Shorts and Mixed Prints

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Guess who mixed a bunch of prints together and is still wearing their plus size shorts dead in the middle of winter??? This lady right here! A few months ago I warned that this would happen since they just sit in the closet until summer. I’m a woman of my word (at least I like to think I am) and I brought out another pair of shorts I purchased from Torrid Summer 16′. While you may be thinking to yourself, “damn, that outfit is pretty busy”, I’d like you to know, I can be extra. Sometimes busy can be good.

This look is my idea of a “fun” plus size Valentine’s Day outfit. I admit , I tend to get bored pretty easily with “traditional trendy fashion.” I don’t believe fashion should just be boring and trendy. I like to have fun with my looks and always advise others to do the same.

When I purchased these shorts from Torrid, I was initially on the fence about them. Why? Because although thick thighs save lies (that’s not up for debate), thick thighs also love to rub together causing shorts to ride up in between the thighs. I don’t know about you but, I don’t need to add shorts riding up in between my thighs to the list of things that… I think you get the point. I digress.. My point is that these plus size Torrid shorts actually didn’t give me that issue so, WIN.

As a member of the Big`n`Busty committee, finding the perfect button up (or down whatever you prefer) shirt can become taxing. I was able to “accidentally” stumble upon this Chaps No Iron top at Kohls for a whooping $7.99 when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for family. I love the fit and the fact that I didn’t have to iron it! The tights from Lane Bryant are sold out but, I’ve attached a link to a similar pair below. The shoes were a fab Friday find that I was able to score online on Black Friday from Torrid and guess what? They’re still on sale now! I have a wide foot and comfort is everything to me and these were extremely comfortable.

About the coat- I get a lot of questions on where I got it every time I wear it and I feel bad because it was a handmade gift but I’m sure you can find one similar to it on Etsy.


Tights- Similar

Shorts- Torrid


Top- Kohls

Bag- Similar

Earrings- Etsy


Infinity Scarf- old purchase from Avenue

Remember to have fun with fashion… or don’t,


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