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My Skin Is Not A Burden

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“People would like you more if you were lighter and lost weight.” Are the words that I recall being hurled at me in my “impressionable” years, by an adult. Well… maybe they weren’t “hurled” at me. They were more than likely supposed to be words of “encouragement”, that instead felt more like an insult.

Those words stung a bit but not as bad as they do now. They sting more now because I think about the young “impressionable” girls and young women who are met with the same if not similar rhetoric. Not only are they met with it by family member, friends, and peers. They deal with it through social media and “internet thugs”. I’ve been blogging for about a year now. I have yet to encounter trolls that dare to dip their toes in my satirical pond, but I am sitting here patient waiting for it to happen *smirks*.

If I had a dollar for every time someone called me “too fat” or “too dark” I’d have enough money and power to rename the Nile River while creating more tributaries and naming them all the same thing just to confuse others for my own entertainment. Sure I used to cry about it when I was a kid, but overtime I began to perceive those “insults” as compliments. I thought about it like this. If someone is will to take time out of their day (because you know people love to say how they don’t have time to do things) and comment about my weight, complexion, or both at the same time, then dammit! I’m glad that my appearance was enough to get under your skin on your ‘busy’ day *flips 12 inch weave*.

Over the years I’ve taught myself that my skin is not a burden. Whereas I used to perceive things I didn’t like about my physical appearance as flaws, I’ve learned to love and embrace. I yearn for the sunlight to radiate on my brown skin (although I hate being hot and sweaty). I cackle when I am overlooked because of my skin complexion (oh yes! This does happen). The things I don’t do anymore, cry because I am told I’m too dark and fat, conform to what people say I should look like, allow the words of others to dig through my thick ass skin. I’m a #darkplusbeauty and My Skin is Not A Burden.


MELANIN Fedora: Kuronne

Vintage Top: Throwback Clinic

Geo Print Flowy Shorts: Torrid

plus size Plus size fashion

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  • Madeline Manon

    This post though. Keep up the great work!

  • Madeline Manon9

    This post though. Keep up the great work!

  • Ew. It hurts my (cold) heart that anyone could say those things to you. (Or anyone!) I am well aware that you already know and know that I know, you are a beautiful inspirational woman! Keep doing you!

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