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Luscious Mane Wash Day

You know how you wake up in the morning, sit up on the bed, check your morning breath to see how bad it really is, then round your fingers through your luscious mane? Yeah. Me neither. Like the morning breath stuff is true at least. I usually wake up in the morning, walk into the wall, stub my toe on the wooden foot board of my bed, curse the foot board then thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to worry about doing my hair. Why? Because I’d rather walk out my house looking like Albert Einstein’s my great grandfather. Sometimes, maybe a little protective styling.

Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of protective styles. With that I’ve been looking for new products to try that are budget friendly. I was using Shea Moisture products but we all know what happened with them *side eye*. Carol’s Daughter is a great product but I refuse to purchase it unless it is on sale. My kid’s head alone takes up half bottle or shampoo conditioner and leave in products.

This month, courtesy of Influenster, I received the Pantene Gold Series products for free to try for my hair care routine. I typically like to stick to what I know, but I was happy that I did try this line out. Whenever I take my braids out my hair become tangled. I’m talking comb breaking type tangled. Even after washing it, it takes me a while to comb through the tangles.

First things first: it didn’t smell bad at all. When I tried the product I was VERY shocked with how easily my hair detangled after washing it. I’ll also mention, I did used the Lush Cosmetics Henna (which takes forever to wash out) before using the Pantene Gold Series collection. My curls were definitely responding well to this product and I didn’t have to use too much of it. I am known for being a habitual overuser (if that’s even a word [yeah, I know its not really a word.]) Instead of using a quarter size, I used 4 quarter sizes.

After using the products I sectioned my hair in 4 and put in 4 big braids and slept with it overnight. When I woke up the next day and combed through me hair it was really soft and manageable. Would I purchase this product with my own money? Maybe. Well I most likely will if Carol’s Daughter isn’t on sale.

Check out my hair care routine below:

The Henna Effect

The waiting process…

The ‘I’m officially bored with the waiting process” face.

OMG Curls!

The finish wash.


What are you using in your hair?

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