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Keeping It 100 about Body Positivity

In the past year or so The Body Positivity movement has made some pretty substantial waves in the plus size community. There has been more talk about it in the last year, to my knowledge, than there has in the past. I want to keep it 100 about body positivity and I’m probably going to say things that most have been thinking. So shoot the messenger if you want…

I did my due diligence by googling (not diligent enough for you?), “what is body positivity?” You know what came up? A number of articles and websites. So I choose to go with ‘Psychology Today‘. “Why would you choose to go by that website?” One may ask. Well it’s because the responses I read by 3 different people vary. Click the link above to read. I’m writing this on my lunch break on my phone and just can’t be bothered with clicking back and forth between screens.

Have you ever asked someone what the term ‘body positive’ means to them? Well I have. I’ve asked my friends, family. and even people who I’ve encountered that ‘champion’ for body positivity, that exact question. What did I find? Everyone had a different answer. Which leads me to believe the term ‘body positive’ is one of those loose terms, that for the most part, is left up to interpretation.

The plus size community has been abuzz on social media about this whole body positivity thing. I’ve seen plus size ‘body positive’ activist take a nose dive down the throats of others that label themselves body positive because they snap a picture of themselves at the gym. Better yet, telling someone who has had WLS that they aren’t body positive (and yes, I went there).

In the same breath, a lot of those same people are the ones telling US that we shouldn’t be policing each others bodies.

So, what does the term ‘body positive’ mean to me? To me it means loving your body and taking care of it not just on the outside but on the inside as well. MY interpretation of the term is taking care of your body. Not feeding it with crap. Living an active lifestyle however you choose to.

I can love how I physically look on the outside but, if my insides feel like crap and I choose to change what I’m doing so I can feel better, does that suddenly mean I’m not body positive? Whether that he drinking more water, eating more veggies, exercising, going down to one pack of Reese’s a day instead of two. You know. Stuff like that.

If I wear make up, does that mean I’m not body positive? If I wear a girdle under my pencil skirt, does that mean I am not body positive? If I shave my armpits, legs, arms, and ass hairs (don’t front like you don’t have them), does that mean I’m not body positive?

To the body positive activist (not all of you but enough of you) that feel like they have the RIGHT to tell someone they aren’t ‘body positive’, heed your own advice. Stop trying to police other people’s bodies. If you don’t agree with my stance on this, that’s ok. We can agree to disagree. Remember, it’s all about interpretation.


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