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Holy Mint!


This weekend was a good one for me! I hope you had a good one too and if you didn’t…. go find a shoulder to cry on. I started off with an awards ceremony for the kid on Friday. She was awarded for her reading skills, which tells me next time she tells me she can’t read a simple word on her homework she’s trying to play me. We partied, we hung with friends, and hung out with family. So it was kind of a ‘dress up’ weekend for me and, as I said a few weeks ago, I’ve decided to add a lot more color to my summer wardrobe this year. So I recently went minty and relapsed into some black also.

Like many of my thick thigh counterparts, I suffer from the terrible condition referred to as “chub rub”. You know, when your thighs rub together when you walk and you feel like you’re about to start a forest fire between your thighs? Yeah. I suffer from that, so I for a long time I’ve been avoiding wearing skirts, dresses, and shorts whenever possible. Well thank goodness for the ‘interenets’ because I’ve been able to find tricks that’ll allow me to avoid chub rub (I’ll discuss that on another day). So the other day I spun around in my skirt freely without setting off a fire and dammit, I felt good!

I wore a crop holier than art though top over my reasonably priced mint camisole. The skirt was super comfortable and lightweight. It made me feel like a cute big ass kid so I appropriately paired it with my tie up flats. I’m all for budget friendly clothing when it comes to my daily wear. Want to recreate the look, visit:



You know I have a hard time remaining serious.


Camisole: Top (similar): Skirt (similar):  Shoes: Torrid: similiar: Necklace: (similar) Bracelet: (similar) Clutch: Bea’s Corner Designs:

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