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F*** You= Faux You

I hate winter! There. I said it. Keep your skii’s, snowboarding, ice skates, winter coats, snow.

All of it. Well maybe not all of it. Snow makes for a great prop for photos sometimes and occasionally I can benefit from the cold weather and get away with wearing certain things. Like my faux leather pants. 

I’m a person that gets hot easily. I hate being hot in the the summer so I turn the air conditioner on super cold. I hate being cold in the winter time so I turn the heat up super high. See how ass backwards and indecisive I can be??? I digress….

Anywho, I found these fat girl friendly faux leather pants while shopping and had to figure when the heck I was going to wear them. Let’s do the math

Summertime+thick thighs+faux leather= hot crotch carry the nope!

Spring+pollen+faux leather=transition phase into lukewarm crotch and nope!

Fall+…. well damn really now excuse there.

Anyway, I’m going to choose winter because I’ve run out of excuses.

I paired these faux leather pants from Torrid (I went a size up so I had to wear a belt) with this crop top that my husband (yes he did girl! Check him out attempting to understand my crazy and style)got me from Rue 107. Im still giving you some belly action with crop top even though it’s cold out.

And here I go creeping off to bring my cold behind back indoors.


Faux leather pants: Torrid

Glitter box flats: Torrid

Crop top: Rue107

Clutch: Bungalow77

Earrings: gift


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