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Evolution of this Woman

Who am I?

A woman
I am a woman who could sometimes benefit from having a little more ‘chill’
A woman who doesn’t conform to societies standards.
A woman who enjoys laughter while snorting like a geek really hard when laughing.
A fat women who’s loves herself.

A women who is a mom that continues to practice patience.

A woman who can be an asshole that has married her match.
A woman who dresses based on her mood when she wakes in the morning.
A woman with ADHD.
A woman who is flawed.
A woman who has knock knees that will eventually have to be replaced one day.
A woman that gives advice (it’s not always good advice. Ask at own risk).
A woman that loves to smile.
A woman that is always complaining about being sleepy but goes to bed at 11:56 pm knowing good and well I have to be up by 5:30.
A woman who loves family.

A woman who analyzes.
A woman who hates math (Fuck the Pythagorean Theorem).
A woman who loves to learn (except when it comes to math).
A woman who drinks 2 16 ounce cups of water between the hours of 9:30 pm and 11:00 pm. *shrugs*
A woman who has become addicted to the show Greenleaf on OWN.
A woman who spends her spare time catching up on satirical reads on VSB.
A woman who is too lazy to pop in her contacts everyday because throwing the glasses on are easier.
A woman who loves driving manual (thanks husband).

A woman who won’t fix her ponytail for a few days at a time.

A woman who despises the summer heat.
A woman who enjoys football (Go Pats!).
A woman that was bullied as a child.
A woman who doesn’t care for trends.
A woman who is lactose intolerant but won’t stop eating peanut butter ice cream
A woman who is surprised you’re actually still reading this.
A woman who considered giving up meat years ago and 3 seconds later decided not to.

A woman who is still salty about the fact that she can no longer eat seafood

A woman with 250,000 DIY projects currently in progress (ADHD)
A woman who will randomly sit at her art desk draw/sketch when feeling inspired.

The Evolution of this woman.

Bra: courtesy of Elomi

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