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Plus Size Fashion

My Skin Is Not A Burden

Plus size Fashion

“People would like you more if you were lighter and lost weight.” Are the words that I recall being hurled at me in my “impressionable” years, by an adult. Well… maybe they weren’t “hurled” at me. They were more than likely supposed to be words of “encouragement”, that instead felt more like an insult. Those […]

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Plus Size Thrift Shopping

How many times have had an upcoming date but “nothing to wear”? If you’re like me, you probably have a ton of choices in your closet but in that moment nothing seems suitable for date night. So what’s the next stop? Shopping. But where to go? The thrift store! The thrift store? Yes honey, the […]

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Plus Size Shorts and Mixed Prints

plus size fashion blogger

Guess who mixed a bunch of prints together and is still wearing their plus size shorts dead in the middle of winter??? This lady right here! A few months ago I warned that this would happen since they just sit in the closet until summer. I’m a woman of my word (at least I like to […]

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F*** You= Faux You

I hate winter! There. I said it. Keep your skii’s, snowboarding, ice skates, winter coats, snow. All of it. Well maybe not all of it. Snow makes for a great prop for photos sometimes and occasionally I can benefit from the cold weather and get away with wearing certain things. Like my faux leather pants. 

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