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May, 2016

Holy Mint!

  This weekend was a good one for me! I hope you had a good one too and if you didn’t…. go find a shoulder to cry on. I started off with an awards ceremony for the kid on Friday. She was awarded for her reading skills, which tells me next time she tells me […]

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A Naturals #WashDay

Let’s talk hair.   If you’re anything like me, you dread wash days. If you’re really anything like me then you have a little girl with hair so thick  you’d rather paint a wall, sit and watch it dry then paint it again and then sit and watch it dry again. While I dread wash days, […]

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My Monday Thoughts

So it’s Monday and I was sitting with my coffee this morning and writing down my random thoughts.  Then I decided to start my series of “Monday Thoughts” because I always have these random thoughts on my mind. If any of them offend you…. Oh well. They are my thoughts:

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