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Luscious Mane Wash Day

You know how you wake up in the morning, sit up on the bed, check your morning breath to see how bad it really is, then round your fingers through your luscious mane? Yeah. Me neither. Like the morning breath stuff is true at least. I usually wake up in the morning, walk into the […]

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My Skin Is Not A Burden

Plus size Fashion

“People would like you more if you were lighter and lost weight.” Are the words that I recall being hurled at me in my “impressionable” years, by an adult. Well… maybe they weren’t “hurled” at me. They were more than likely supposed to be words of “encouragement”, that instead felt more like an insult. Those […]

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Joys of Parenting: Surviving 8 Years

Guide them and teach them about self expression. I love to dress how I feel and there have been times where I’ve “forgotten” to allow her to do that same. She doesn’t always want to wear what I pick. She doesn’t always want to listen to the music I want to listen to. She doesn’t always want to read the books

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